Vibration thesis

Jianmin Guan is the Director of Vibration and Acoustics Solutions at Altair Engineering, where he is responsible for HyperWorks®, NVH-related software and business development activities. His background includes 18 years of experience in NVH at Ford Motor Co., and he won the prestigious Henry Ford Technology Award in 1996 and SAE International’s Forest R. McFarland Award in 2017. Jianmin Guan is a member of the SAE Noise and Vibration Committee and is an instructor of the Structure-borne NVH Workshop at SAE Noise and Vibration conferences.

Contemporary German photographer and philosopher Alexander Lauterwasser has brought cymatics into the 21st century using finely crafted crystal oscillators to resonate steel plates covered with fine sand and to vibrate small samples of water in Petri dishes . His first book, Water Sound Images , [9] translated into English in 2006, features imagery of light reflecting off the surface of water set into motion by sound sources ranging from pure sine waves to music by Beethoven , Karlheinz Stockhausen , electroacoustic group Kymatik (who often record in ambisonic surround sound) and overtone singing . The resulting photographs of standing wave patterns are striking. Lauterwasser's book focused on creating detailed visual analogues of natural patterns ranging from the distribution of spots on a leopard to the geometric patterns found in plants and flowers, to the shapes of jellyfish and the intricate patterns found on the shell of a tortoise.

Vibration thesis

vibration thesis


vibration thesisvibration thesisvibration thesisvibration thesis