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Thesis Theme: After upgrading to the new Theses Theme Framework, I had a hard time finding the Attribution Link , didn’t know how to remove it from the footer, or even how to change anything on my blog, my layout … I was puzzled. Theses Theme appears like a mystery to me hidden behind the fogs of misunderstanding.
I was a bit annoyed, especially because information about how the new Thesis Theme framework works is hard to find, an if so, it is written by people who want to earn money from that lack of information.

As of 2010, the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary has given out licenses to divers to kill the species inside the property. Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) hosts a series of “ Lionfish Derbies ” offering prize money  largest, smallest, and highest number caught; and publishes the Lionfish Cookbook , aimed at introducing chefs to what NOAA calls a “delicious, delicately flavored fish” similar in taste to snapper and texture to grouper. Lionfish have venomous fin spines––an uncommon feature on East Coast species–-making them top predators and a danger to fishermen and divers. (And more expensive than many other fish on the menu–someone has to remove those venomous spines.)

Thesis theme remove sidebars

thesis theme remove sidebars


thesis theme remove sidebarsthesis theme remove sidebarsthesis theme remove sidebarsthesis theme remove sidebars