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Guaranteed Fellowships
The Hopkins-Nanjing Center has a financial aid budget to support students who have both financial need and academic merit. Fellowships covering differing levels of need are available to incoming students. 100% of HNC students who apply for financial aid before the February 1 deadline will receive a fellowship, regardless of their program choice. The HNC also has a limited number of full tuition fellowships available.

The short three-page financial aid application can be found in the downloadable forms section of the online application.

This course, required of all history majors, has two principal goals–that you learn the fundamentals of the discipline of history and that you take to heart that history is a discipline, a mode of inquiry and a way of knowing the world. History, in short, is far more than telling stories about the past. We begin with brief introductions to the history of history as a discipline, considerations of what history is, whom it is for, what it means to practice history ethically, and several significant schools of historical thought. We devote the bulk of our time to developing and sharpening your skills as historians by teaching you how to interpret a variety of genres of primary sources, how to read historiography, and how to conceptualize and plan original research.  By mid-December, you should have in hand a proposal for a hypothetical senior seminar project or another project within the field of history in which you have chosen to concentrate.

What I ultimately discovered was that Yoga IS the “Art and Science” of the human body,
and Walnut Lodge Yoga teaches just that. It gives you a method. The basics. It gives you
hard and fast guidelines so you can evaluate what is good for your own body, now and as
it changes. It gives you information about how your structures alines with gravity, how
your joints function most efficiently, how to breathe correctly and why that's important. It
illuminates the experience of moving with awareness, of feeling and using energy. It
shows you how to increase strength and flexibility, safely. It's based on the idea that you
are responsible for your own health, your own life, that your thoughts have the power to
shape your own existence; the expression of which....a beautiful life, is your ultimate
artistic achievement.   D. Abbey Alter-founder. 10 April 2016

Thesis calendar penn state

thesis calendar penn state


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