Reasons for plastic surgery essay

Fish consume plastics both intentionally and unintentionally. And these plastics, depending on how long they’ve been floating in the water, may have a variety of chemicals attached to them such as heavy metals, PCB’s and other pollutants . Once fish absorb these chemicals from ingested plastic, the chemicals are then free to enter the bodies of anything higher up on the food chain, including humans. While some fish sold in the United States is tested for contaminates by the EPA, the amount of dangerous chemicals in most seafood harvested outside the country is not known . By including fish in your diet, you may be exposing your body to a variety of chemicals you’d never willingly ingest. With the amount of plastics fish are exposed to in aquatic environments, it really does become a gamble with your own health to rely on fish as a source of nutrients in your diet.

Many people can suffer health risks and ailments as a result of certain physical features. Correcting these through surgery can help to give the individual a healthier, and therefore happier, lifestyle. Examples of this include the loss of weight or fat and breast reduction for those with larger breasts. This is because large breasts can put unnecessary strain on the back and shoulders, leading to further of the reasons for cosmetic surgery is to change physical appearances. This typically relates to procedures such as breast enlargement and face lifts. These changes can help people to feel more comfortable within themselves and can help to correct features which they are unhappy with.

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Reasons for plastic surgery essay

reasons for plastic surgery essay


reasons for plastic surgery essayreasons for plastic surgery essayreasons for plastic surgery essayreasons for plastic surgery essay