Military respect essay

Title IV - Telecommunications
Prior to the ADA, those who were blind, deaf or dumb had major challenges with communication. Today services like text telephone (TTY/TDD) have opened up the world to the hearing impaired. The hard of hearing or speech impaired can use these services to communicate by typing messages which are then relayed and received back in a way they can understand. Closed captioned TV has allowed those with hearing disabilities to keep up with current events or watch their favorite shows without lip reading. Computer generated relay services also allow communication through the internet and even your smart phone will allow hands-free communication through both visual and audio means. Communication is different, much different.

Part of that process would involve establishing the framework for continuing transatlantic cooperation in many areas of mutual interest. An American defense guarantee for Europe is not necessary to work together to confront common challenges. Moreover, without a formal alliance the parties would face less pressure to participate in foolish military adventures such as Afghanistan (almost 16 years of war to establish a liberal democracy in Central Asia) and Libya (the consequences of which are still being felt, most recently, in the Manchester bombing). Washington policymakers should concentrate on issues where . participation both serves American interests and is essential to the mission.

Military respect essay

military respect essay


military respect essaymilitary respect essaymilitary respect essaymilitary respect essay