Media studies essay plan

"In conclusion I feel that the most effective advertisement as a whole is Oxfam because it is set in landscape and not most advertisement are in landscape so it is quite a change. Also the fact that the information is on one side and the image is on the other side is very catchy. The picture of the little girl who is injured to the usage of guns is very upsetting. The figures are also very surprising to see the information is very informative. My personal response to this particular advert is that guns should be banned all over the world so it prevents people smuggling them in. anyone caught with a gun should be punished and the only people with guns should be the police. Jemini Patel"

A concentrated media market allows media owners a heightened influence on public opinion and lack of diversity in ideas, viewpoints and opinions. Cross-promotion of other parts of the business affects the impartiality of news and encourages a "sameness" of thinking between different mediums that are not in the public interest. Vested interests in other areas can also affect content .: In the mid-1990s Murdoch and his publications supported the Labour Party in UK in return for allowing him to continue expanding his monopolist empire.

Media studies essay plan

media studies essay plan


media studies essay planmedia studies essay planmedia studies essay planmedia studies essay plan