Halo effect research paper

            In summary, the research had the main objective of determining how halo effect affects grading of students. Halo effect is evident in a wide range of situations such as courtroom, classroom and in everyday interaction. Halo effect has frequently been viewed as an insidious cognitive prejudice in subjective assessments of performance. The contexts in which subjective ratings occur differ along various dimensions. Nevertheless, halo effects are significant to any context in which ratings are deployed to offer feedback on performance. Usually, the connection between trait ratings is viewed as an error judgment. Raters usually have a generally unfavorable or favorable attitude toward every individual, which influences his ratings of the individual on each rating. This study will be significant to both raters, including professors, instructors and teachers, and students. The following chapter provides a detailed knowledge about the smoking behavior among students.

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Halo effect research paper

halo effect research paper


halo effect research paperhalo effect research paperhalo effect research paperhalo effect research paper