Gibbs reflective writing essay

Jack Mezirow  - Jack Mezirow (1923-14) was an American sociologist and Emeritus Professor of Adult and Continuing Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. He is generally considered founder of the  transformative learning concept, which divides knowledge into three types: Instrumental, Communicative, and Emancipatory. Mezirow asserts that examining our outlook on the world, and challenging the assumptions and preconceptions underlying our values and beliefs, can be emotionally threatening. Challenging the values and beliefs that form part of our self identity can challenge the very core of who we are. Conversely Mezirow's work suggests that self-reflection can empower us to be more open and emotionally capable of change and reflection: a liberating process of intellectual and emotional growth. In his 2000 collaborative book 'Learning as Transformation - Critical Perspectives on a Theory in Progress', Mezirow defines  transformative learning  as incorporating the examination of assumptions, to share ideas for insight, and to take action on individual and collective reflection. Mezirow offered the following transformative learning structure:

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Gibbs reflective writing essay

gibbs reflective writing essay


gibbs reflective writing essaygibbs reflective writing essaygibbs reflective writing essaygibbs reflective writing essay