Essay on kundalini

O. Divine judgment solves the problem of the old sin nature.
1. God solves two categories of problems created by the old sin nature through the use of condemnation or judgment.
a. Sins, which were judged at the cross.
b. Good works or human good and evil are judged at the Last Judgment.
2. Phase 1: Divine judgment at the cross.
a. The sins of the world were called for as a printout from a prom chip. They were imputed to Christ and judged by the justice of God the Father.
b. This was the first and most important judgment of the old sin nature and is the basis of our salvation, which we obtained through personal faith in Jesus Christ. This was the abrogation of the power and rulership of the old sin nature, 1 Pet 2:24; 2 Cor 5:19.
c. However, under the law of volitional responsibility, our sins, though judged at the cross, still have consequences from the function of our negative volition. This is how we cause most of our own suffering.
3. Phase 2: We must judge ourselves through the use of the rebound technique, 1 Jn 1:9; 1 Cor 11:31.
4. Phase 3: The human good and evil of the believer is judged at the Judgment Seat of Christ immediately after the Rapture, 1 Cor 3:12‑16. “Wood, hay and stubble” refers to all the human good you have done which will be burned.
5. At the Great White Throne Judgment, Rev 20:12‑15, the unbeliever is resurrected and brought before the Lord Jesus Christ whom he rejected. His sins, having already been judged at the cross, are not mentioned. Instead, his human good is added up from the book of works. It can only total negative righteousness, which cannot have fellowship with perfect righteousness, and so he is cast alive into the Lake of Fire.
6. God judges evil periodically; otherwise history could not continue. Evil continues up through the Millennium, as in the Gog and Magog Revolution. Evil must be met in the spiritual realm.

The purpose of the "Guru" (Tib: bLa-ma, the Master) in this Tradition is to point the spiritual seeker towards an immediate recognition of this "wholeness," which is our own root identity as bare Intelligence, and then to teach the yogacara methods concerning how to stabilize in one's consciousness, so that liberation may unfold naturally. The Master introduces one to one's own mind, by giving the pointing out instructions that describe what the actual nature of the mind is. The uniqueness of Dzogchen or Mahamudra is the rapid way in which meditation can lead to an experience of Enlightenment in this very lifetime.

Essay on kundalini

essay on kundalini


essay on kundaliniessay on kundaliniessay on kundaliniessay on kundalini