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Author Greg Cox has included Gary Seven and Roberta in three of his Star Trek novels: Assignment: Eternity ; and a two-part novel, The Eugenics Wars: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh . In the latter two novels Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln go on to eventually stop Khan Noonien Singh and his fellow genetically engineered humans from taking over the planet. [ citation needed ] In the Peter Clines novel "Fold" a character comes from an alternate universe and has a cat named Isis after the cat from her favourite TV series "Assignment Earth" with no knowledge of the show Star Trek. Her version from this dimension has a cat named Spock .

The similarity in the two symbols can lead to errors if the programmer forgets which form (" = ", " == ", " := ") is appropriate, or mistypes " = " when " == " was intended. This is a common programming problem with languages such as C (including one famous attempt to backdoor the Linux kernel [20] ), where the assignment operator also returns the value assigned (in the same way that a function returns a value), and can be validly nested inside expressions. If the intention was to compare two values in an if statement, for instance, an assignment is quite likely to return a value interpretable as Boolean true, in which case the then clause will be executed, leading the program to behave unexpectedly. Some language processors (such as gcc ) can detect such situations, and warn the programmer of the potential error.

An assignment on

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